About Us
    Spices are essential to making food with the right character, aroma and flavor. But going beyond salt and pepper can be problematic. Spices are volatile and dont last forever.

    If what you need is one teaspoon of cinnamon, why buy an entire jar and leave the rest to sit in your cabinet losing flavor?

    I want to create Seasonal Spices, a monthly delivery service to try new spices, and get the spices you need, without all the clutter and waste.

    Spices and herbs are usually left out of your daily caloric allowance, but you learning more about herb nutrition could help you include more iron, carbohydrates and vitamins in your diet. Use the Spices and Herbs browser to find out more about spices like black pepper, turmeric, and rosemary. They can add more than just a kick to a dish, the calories in spices should not be ignored. If a dish is heavy on a number of spices, you may be adding a small, but significant amount of calories to the dish.

    How many tablespoons of anise will give you a daily amount of iron? Find out by browsing spices and herbs you may not know much about. You may be familiar with their flavors, but do you know how much sodium is in your favorite taco seasoning or fish fry? Get to know the seasonings that are better for you without having to ask around. Simply take the time to compare them by searching the browser. Looking to add a certain spice from a recipe you have never tried? Search the browser for the right one to get. You can also find different flavors of spreads, marinades, and dry rubs offered by your favorite food manufacturers in no time.